What are the benefits of long-term running?

Running is a sport suitable for anyone. If you want to run for a long time, run farther, and stick to it for a long time, you need to customize a running plan that suits you. If your weight base is relatively large and your body is relatively fat, you can consider sticking to 4-5 kilometers each time and resting 1-2 days a week. After a month of persistence, you can transition to jogging training, running 5 kilometers a day, and appropriately increasing the training intensity, which can prevent your body from falling into a bottleneck period and allow you to achieve better exercise results. Experienced runners can try variable speed running training, which is a combination of jogging and fast running. This is high-intensity interval training, which is a combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise. It only takes 20 minutes to achieve the exercise effect. Speed ​​running training can not only build muscle, and prevent muscle loss, but also quickly increase heart rate and continue to burn fat. However, this requires a certain amount of running ability to stick to it.

So, what are the benefits of running for a long time?

1. Cardiopulmonary function improvement

Running can exercise cardiopulmonary function, improve lung capacity, strengthen heart strength, keep your body function relatively young, and effectively resist the speed of aging.

2. Improve the obesity problem

Running exercise can increase calorie consumption, inhibit fat accumulation, and let your body slowly lose weight, thereby reducing the physical burden caused by excess weight.

3. Improve stress resistance

Running exercise can make the body release more dopamine, can help you drive away depression and sadness, effectively improve anti-stress, relax your mood, keep you positive and optimistic, and people will become gentle and amiable;

4. Improve sub-health problems.

People who sit for a long time and lack exercise are prone to issues such as body stiffness, back pain, muscle strain, and lumbar herniation. Running exercise can activate body muscles, improve joint flexibility, clear meridians, improve body flexibility, effectively improve sub-health issues, improve physical health index, and make your body more flexible.

5. Improve constipation problem

Running exercise can promote intestinal peristalsis, improve gastric motility, help digestion, and help you improve the troubles of constipation.

6. Improve bone density

Running can exercise bones, improve bone density, reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, and promote the secretion of growth hormone, effectively resisting the speed of physical strain, and allowing you to widen the gap with your peers.

7. Boost Immunity

Running and exercising can improve your immunity and resist the invasion of diseases. It is not easy to get sick when the seasons change, and the recovery speed will be faster when you are sick. Here are some of the great benefits of running workouts. Most people don’t have enough willpower and self-discipline. The heat of running will pass after a few days, and they cannot really persist, and naturally, they cannot reap the benefits of running. If you can keep running for 3 months, half a year, a year, or even 3 years, you will find that running allows you to meet a better and better self.