Toothache Remedies You Can Try at Home

There are several at-home remedies you can try if you have a toothache or just want to feel better. For example, you can use a cold compress to reduce swelling and pain. Peppermint tea bags will soothe your gums and ease pain. Clover oil works the same way as benzocaine, so you can try it. If you suffer from a toothache, you may need the help of a dentist. Toothaches can range from mild to extreme, and if they are severe, they may need to be treated by a dentist. A toothache is caused by a variety of factors, including untreated decay, exposed dentin, or a decaying cavity. As well as an abscess, a hole in a tooth that cannot heal on its own, an abscess can also cause a toothache. A dentist will make an opening in the chewing surface if a toothache is caused by a cavity, which will allow gas produced by the infection to escape. Additionally, a cold compress can also be applied externally, particularly if your teeth are injured, swollen, or impacted by a dental appliance. The key to using a cold compress is to make sure the bag is tightly wrapped in a towel before applying it. A bag of frozen vegetables can also be effective. It is important to use a cold compress in a warm, dry environment. If it isn't, the cold can damage tissues.

In a similar way, hydrogen peroxide and water can be used as a pain reliever as well as to clean the irritated tooth area. You can also use saltwater, which is a natural disinfectant. It is also good for cleaning your teeth. It is also antibacterial. There are products on the market that contain eugenol, which has been shown to be a mild pain reliever. You can apply it to the affected area with a cotton ball. Or, you can rinse your mouth with a solution containing eugenol.

Using apple cider vinegar is another cool way to treat toothache. Garlic also has similar properties to vinegar. Garlic has antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria that cause toothaches. You may need to visit your dentist for a professional evaluation if your gums are bleeding or if you are experiencing severe pain. Garlic is good for killing bacteria that cause dental plaque. You can also relieve a toothache by drinking ice water. Keep ice water near your bed for temporary relief. You can apply it as needed. It is also a good idea to rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution to remove debris between your teeth. Mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide, or add a teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water.