7 Commands to Train a Dog

A good training routine will help keep your dog safe, sane, and content, whether you are a new puppy or seasoned dog owner. There are seven basic commands that will help you train your dog. Your dog should be trained when he or she is young so that he or she will be able to obey commands. As a result, you will be able to build a strong bond with your pet and train him or her to perform multiple tasks more easily. Keeping your dog down for a few seconds before giving them a treat is crucial when training him or her. The "sit" command is one of the more basic commands. You should always start training your dog with this command. You can also work on your dog's "stay" command. By using this command, your dog will be prevented from getting into things that he or she shouldn't. You can also teach your dog to stay off of furniture using the "leave it" command. This command will help prevent your dog from damaging items around the house.

It is easy to teach your dog something by using a toy. Toys are a great way to keep your dog from gaining weight and to keep him or her entertained. It is always a good idea to reward your dog for good behavior, such as with treats and praise. Using a toy and shaking it is a good way to teach your dog the "shake" command. If your dog has trouble learning this command, try a different toy. As one of the more difficult commands to learn, "wait" is used to indicate to your dog that you will be returning. You may also use this command to teach your dog to greet visitors to your home. You can also use this command at an off leash dog park to show your dog you're coming back.

If your dog has difficulty learning the "sit" command, you might start with the "sit" and "stay" commands. Sit commands are the most basic commands you can teach your dog. When you walk in the door, the "sit" command will help your dog settle down and keep from ramming into you. If you use this command, your dog will not ram into you as you walk in. When you use the "leave it" and "drop it" commands, your dog will learn that he or she will not be permitted to pick up trashcans or bottles around the house. You should be patient when training your dog, as it may take a few weeks for it to learn these commands.