4 Exercises at Home to Boost Your Metabolism and Stay Active

If you don't have time to go to the gym, how can you exercise at home and prevent obesity?

There are many exercises suitable for fitness at home, and you can achieve the ideal exercise effect by choosing the right exercise. The exercise method of body weight training is more flexible, and it can be practiced without any equipment. It is suitable for beginner training. As long as you have enough perseverance to persevere, you can reap the benefits of fitness. Share a few fitness exercises that you can do at home without going out, which can effectively strengthen your physique, speed up your metabolism, improve obesity, and keep you young and energetic.

1. Jumping

Jumping is a compound movement that exercises the limbs and waist and abdominal muscles, which can quickly increase the heart rate, promote blood circulation, and put the body into a fat-burning state. Persistent jumping and jumping can also promote intestinal peristalsis, improve constipation, reduce the burden on the intestinal tract, and make your whole person more energetic. Persist for 2-3 minutes at a time and do about 4 sets, which will make you sweat profusely and speed up your mentality.

2. Squat

This is an effective action to exercise the muscles of the lower limbs and improve the stability and explosive power of the lower limbs. It can prevent muscle loss, improve the basal metabolic value, and also make your old legs not old, the legs have more strength, and resist the speed of aging. When doing squat training, you must maintain the correct posture. When squatting, do not buckle your knees inward, keep the direction with your toes, and face outward. When squatting, when your hips are squatted to the height of your knees, pause for a while, then slowly. Slowly return to standing. Repeat the action 15-20 times for 5 sets.

3. Support

This is an effective exercise to exercise the core muscles, improve core strength and protect the spine. The core muscle group is an important muscle group that connects the upper body and the lower body. This muscle group is required for training in daily activities and fitness exercises. People with weak core muscles are more prone to injury when exercising. It is also more likely to have problems such as hunchback and lumbar protrusion. Adhere to this action to activate muscle groups, improve sub-health diseases, and also improve the issue of spinal deformation, help you shape a tall and straight posture, and improve your temperament. Hold each plank training for more than 30 seconds, or the time to failure, and perform 4 sets.

4. Push-ups

Push-ups are a golden compound movement for exercising the upper body muscles. Don’t underestimate this movement. Many people cannot complete more than 20 consecutive movements. If you can't complete more than 10 at a time, it is recommended to start with kneeling push-ups or incline push-ups, 15 at a time, and repeat 4-5 sets. Stick with it for a while before trying standard push-ups. When doing push-up training, we should keep the body in a straight line, do not hunch over the chest or pinch the buttocks, the palm is located on the side of the chest, and the angle between the upper arm and the body is about 45-60 degrees when the elbow is bent.